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What are the main contents of pet food?

2020-08-03 00:00:00

However, for different breeds of pet food, it depends on the age of the pet. These pet foods have a very scientific proportion, which provides good nutrients for the healthy growth and development of pets. In fact, our country's pet food in the 1990s, has begun to gradually form. With the rapid development of society, the number of lonely old people has increased, and now there are more and more pet concept began to popularize. Similarly, more pet food processing plants are using pet food equipment to produce and process pet food.


According to the shape of pet food, Jinan pet food equipment can be broadly divided into two categories: dry pet food and canned pet food. Among them, dry pet food can be further divided into dry puffed food (moisture content is generally 10% ~ 12%), semi wet food (moisture content is generally 25% ~ 32%) and soft puffed (soft dry) food (moisture content is generally 27% ~ 32%). At present, most of the pet food sold in the market belongs to the dry extruded pet food produced by extrusion production, which is often said to be dry food. Canned pet food generally contains 74% ~ 78% moisture, mainly fresh meat, frozen meat or animal by-products, with the content of 25% ~ 75%. Although canned pet food is designed as a family diet that can be fed separately, eggs are often added to dry food to improve its palatability.


According to the nutritional composition and use, it can be divided into full nutrition pet food and other pet food. Full nutrition pet food is the typical pet food in the sense of our peers, which can meet all the nutritional needs of pets except water. That is, in a certain feeding period, as the main source of nutrition except water, it can meet the energy, nutritional and physiological needs of pets. Pet food for other uses mainly includes all kinds of pet snacks (such as biscuits, meat sticks, dried meat sticks, sausage, milk bone, chewing gum, etc.), pet health products (such as vitamin tablets) and prescription food. Pet snacks, health products and other products have different nutritional value, so they can not replace the typical pet diet. However, with the development of economic level, the market of pet snacks and other atypical pet food has gradually expanded.


According to the types and physiological stages of pets, it can be divided into general pet feed and special pet feed. General pet feed refers to dog food and cat food, which is also the most mainstream product in the pet food market. Dog food and cat food can be further subdivided into different products according to animal species and physiological stages. Taking dog food as an example, it is subdivided into large-scale dog food, medium-sized dog food and small-sized dog food according to the dog's body shape; it can be subdivided into young dog food, adult dog food, pregnancy dog food, lactation dog food and elderly dog food according to the specific physiological stage; in addition, there are special dog food for specific pet species, such as golden retriever dog food, VIP dog special dog food, Chihuahua Special dog food, etc. The classification of cat food is similar. Special pet feed mainly refers to the food for other pets except cats and dogs, such as bird watching, fish watching, turtle, snake and other pet feed. At present, the pet food market share is small.

As a companion of human beings, pets have a high status and are also loved by people. Because of this, the requirements for pet food are higher and higher. Even in some developed areas in Europe and the United States, corresponding laws and regulations have been issued for pet food, strengthening the management of pet food. With the continuous improvement of living standards, the market of pet food equipment in Shandong will become more extensive.

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