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What are the characteristics of rice straw equipment?

2020-08-03 00:00:00

The rice straw equipment of huinuo in Jinan can make various kinds of rice straws. The straw is mainly made of flour, corn starch and cassava starch. The price of rice straw equipment is well recognized in the market. This kind of straw can not only be eaten, but also solve many environmental problems.


Rice straw production equipment with rice flour, cassava powder as raw materials, after extrusion, aging, extrusion from the mold is cut off. Production of edible straws, round square, a variety of innovative products. Rice straw production equipment through twin-screw extrusion machine into a variety of sizes of blank, and then dried into smooth surface, shape lifelike straw; our unit screw combination technology and production process precision control, you can choose a wider range of raw materials, higher product quality, more varieties. A twin-screw extruder can complete the process of mixing, kneading, cooking, curing and extrusion molding.


The green rice straw made by twin-screw extruder takes high-quality rice as raw material, grinds broken rice into fine rice flour through crushing link. Artificial rice is made from fine rice flour through water mixing, extrusion forming, cooling, drying, screening and other processes. Its ingredients are 70% rice and 30% cassava starch as raw materials to produce colorful edible rice suction The straw can be completely degraded, and it is more friendly to the ecological environment. It can be used as a substitute for plastic straws. It will not pollute the environment like the plastic straws, but also meet the requirements of many countries. After tasting, the straw is very crisp, a bit like rice pot. This set of production equipment is exported to foreign countries and fills the gap of domestic edible straw production equipment.


Compared with plastic straw, rice straw has the following characteristics:

A. completely degradable

b. Green composting can be carried out

c. Plastic fre

d. Suitable for cold and hot drinks

e. It can be eaten directly

Our rice straw equipment manufacturers will provide a variety of environmental protection straw equipment, and free of charge for installation and debugging, provide formula and personnel training. Dealers in need come to buy.

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