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How to do a good job in pet food industry?

2020-08-03 00:00:00

In recent years, there have been a lot of TV series and movies about dogs, and a lot of warm family cards have moved a lot of young people. With the increasing status of dogs in people's hearts, the pet food industry has also begun to become larger and larger, and everything should benefit from China's growing pet food and Jinan pet food machinery consumer market.


"The pet industry has a history of more than 100 years. Most European and American countries have perfect industrial systems and industry standards. Therefore, domestic pet food industry is mainly export-oriented and belongs to export-oriented economy. Pet food can be divided into three categories: staple food, snacks and nutrition. Due to the high degree of mechanization and low price of grain, the proportion of staple food produced in foreign countries is relatively large, and Chinese enterprises mainly produce pet snacks.

In the era of "it economy", independent brands are developing

With the upgrading of consumption and the aging of society, China is ushering in the golden age of "other economy". More and more families choose to take pets as partners, and the consumption of pet customers is also increasing year by year.

According to the data of the white paper on China's pet industry in 2017, the average annual growth of China's pet industry reached 50.7% from 2010 to 2014. In 2015, the scale of pet market was close to 100 billion, and it is predicted that it will exceed 200 billion by 2020. China's pet industry has great development potential, but it is still an emerging industry in China, lacking sufficient social cognition and policy support.


In the international market, Chinese pet food enterprises are facing trade barriers and lack of effective early warning mechanism. The inspection standards of bacteria, medicinal materials and hormones vary from country to country, and change at any time. "The standard of receiving orders may change again when the products are produced, and the products will be returned.". However, in the domestic market, there is no national standard for pet food. If pet food wants to enter the domestic supermarket, it will be reviewed as feed, resulting in a mixture of good and bad products. "There is no national standard, and it can be directly produced without filing in the AQSIQ.

In addition, most of China's pet food enterprises are OEM production, and there are relatively few independent brands. "However, the pet industry is moving towards diversification, and many foreign supermarkets who understand the situation of the industry actually recognize Chinese brands. With the rising prices of labor and raw materials in China and the improvement of service awareness of Chinese manufacturers, Wal Mart, Costco, Tesco and other international supermarkets have begun to surpass middlemen in recent years, increasing the proportion of direct purchase of goods, providing an opportunity for the development of independent brands. We can directly recommend our brand to the supermarket. Online supermarkets like Amazon have even taken the initiative to come to their homes and introduce Chinese brand pet snacks. "


"Before, we would have asked, how can domestic pet food with one dollar be sold to seven or eight dollars in foreign supermarkets? In the process of developing our own brands, we found that foreign consumers have a strong sense of safeguarding their rights, and the insurance costs added to the products are very high. Like the United States, which has a large area and few people, supermarkets have high requirements on timeliness, and the logistics cost is also very high... ".

We all staff of huinuo machinery, Shandong pet food machinery is committed to research and development and production of various pet food machinery, to help more pet food enterprises to open up its production situation, get better pet food, and successfully open the domestic and foreign markets. In view of the huge pet market background, I believe that more and more enterprises in our Congress occupy the international pet food market.

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