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How to use environmental protection straw equipment to change environmental protection problems

2020-08-03 00:00:00

Now our life is more and more convenient, a lot of new technology has changed the living standard of most people, but also changed people's way of life. Especially now the takeout industry is getting bigger and bigger, and office workers are more inclined to order takeout to solve their own food problems. But we often neglect one of the most important issues, that is, environmental protection.


How to solve this problem has always been a very difficult problem. What we want to talk about today is an obvious garbage in our life, the straw. Recently, there has been a strict control on the use of straws. The news with high topic is that Starbucks has abandoned the use of straws, but the substitutes for straws have never appeared. In our daily life, milk tea and coffee have become a habit to use straws. In Xiaobian's opinion, without straws, they can only be bottled.山东环保吸管设备

Many people say that environmental protection and convenience of life are difficult to achieve. People all over the world are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection. Many paper enterprises in South Korea first took action to invent a paper cup that can be completely decomposed and recycled, and made a new breakthrough in the research and development of environmental protection straw equipment. I believe it will soon be known that plastic straw will be eliminated.

The raw material used by the enterprise is rice. It develops a kind of rice straw that can be directly eaten. From the appearance, there is no big difference between the rice straw and the ordinary plastic straw. Moreover, the advantage is that it can be soaked in hot water for more than three hours, and the use time in cold water will be longer. The most important thing is that this straw can be used, which tastes like rice pot Almost. It's a little bit hard.


Moreover, the production process of this rice straw is very simple, 70% of which is mainly composed of rice. At present, this straw has been produced in large scale in South Korea. The price of the straw is about 9 cents in South Korea, and the monthly output has exceeded 300 million. There are various cold drink shops and restaurants in South Korea.

If our country can introduce rice straw equipment, we can better solve the environmental problems in a short time, and will bring more business opportunities. The population base of China is larger than that of South Korea, especially in recent years, there are more and more milk tea shops in our country, and the demand for habits will also become greater.

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