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What opportunities does the plastic ban bring to the straw industry

2020-08-03 00:00:00

At present, the ban on plastics is one of the most important work in the world. Every department in all walks of life attaches special importance to this work. Therefore, each of us should do our duty, complete the work to do a good job, and gradually complete the formulation of relevant systems. Similarly, changing living habits can not be completed in a day. Although the straw is very small, only a small step can lead to the end.


In consideration of environmental protection, McDonald's will use the "straw free cup cover" in 10 pilot restaurants in Beijing from October 31, 2019, and will not actively provide straw. Earlier, Starbucks announced in July that plastic straws would be banned in all stores around the world by 2020, and a new lid design without straw was also announced. Some netizens said: in order to protect the environment, we should bring our own stainless steel straw to go out.

Plastic ban has long been a global issue, but many people have not considered the straw. At present, with the successive statements of catering giants, people suddenly find that the world is about to open the "no straw era". Usually drink cola, juice, yogurt and a series of drinks, rice straw seems to be changed.

Rice environmental protection straw equipment manufacturers feel that it is just a small matter whether to use plastic straw or not, isn't it so small? It's not as big as a plastic bag, so why make a fuss? However, this is not the case. Data show that Starbucks consumes one billion straws a year. In 2017, McDonald's received more than 1.3 billion customers in China alone, and the amount of straws should not be underestimated. If we can say goodbye to the plastic straw, it will undoubtedly greatly reduce the consumption of plastic, and it will also play a positive role in changing people's living habits.


In fact, both Starbucks and McDonald's have an international background in not providing straws. Recently, the European Commission passed a ban on the use of plastic products such as disposable tableware and straws from 2021. Other data showed that plastic straws ranked fifth among the "most beach litter.". Once these straws are handled improperly and enter the sea, they will form marine plastic pollution. Many marine organisms have died from accidental ingestion of plastic waste. Many environmental protection organizations have protested against the large restaurants who use plastic straws.

Therefore, farewell to plastic straws is also driven by the environmental demand. From this point of view, other catering enterprises should take the initiative to follow up, and the whole society should also form a consensus. For most people, even without plastic straws, the quality of life will not decline. Of course, everything is special. For those who need straw due to special reasons, such as the disabled, catering enterprises should also actively provide convenience. After all, plastic straws are not allowed and paper or other materials can also be provided.


We should also pay attention to a problem, that is, some businesses can't turn the straw originally provided free of charge into a business under the banner of banning plastic. Just like the previous "ban on plastic bags", many supermarkets have made hundreds of millions of yuan in profits by selling plastic bags. This irony can not be repeated on the issue of straws.

Plastic ban order is the responsibility of everyone in our society. From various departments to all kinds of industries, and then to each and every one of us, we should do our duty and perfect the corresponding system as soon as possible. At the same time, we also need to change our living habits, straw knowledge a small step, environmental protection is still a long way to go. The environmental straw production line developed by huinuo robot focuses on the production of rice straw. This habit is much better than paper straw in performance, which is worthy of your purchase and trust.

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