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How to develop paper straw under the situation of environmental protection?

2020-08-03 00:00:00

Nowadays, environmental protection and energy conservation are advocated all over the world, especially in some developed countries, which regard environmental protection as the most important task. For example, turning off the lights, turning off water, duplicating paper double-sided printing and so on in our home are all helpful to environmental protection. As far as possible, drive less, use less plastic bags, less disposable chopsticks and so on, environmental straw manufacturers can save more green resources for us.


As the most commonly used straw in daily life, what kind of change can we make? Let's talk about it today.

Straw is an important product in both developed and developing countries. In recent years, with the rapid development of food service packaging industry, while bringing convenience to people's lives, more and more plastic straws and similar products that are discarded at random begin to cause a burden on the environment, while paper straw gradually shows its advantages due to its recyclability. Jinan environmental protection straw equipment paper straw can drink water, drinks, milk tea, coffee, sand ice and other liquids. It can be used as decoration in cake, party, home, etc. It can be used as splicing material for DIY toys. Plastic straw can be used, paper straw can also be used, but also more environmentally friendly.


According to the statistics of Taiwan's environmental protection agency, Taiwan's people consume an average of 3 billion plastic straws a year. In order to end plastic pollution, the environmental protection agency has announced that since July next year, four categories of objects, including public departments, public and private schools, department stores and shopping malls, and fast food chains, are not allowed to provide disposable plastic straws for internal users, and the disposable plastic straws will be fully restricted by stages to 2030.

Among all kinds of environmental protection straws, paper straws are the first choice for most stores because they are easy to use and can be recycled and decomposed. However, at present, some of the paper straws on sale in Taiwan are directly imported from foreign countries, and some are imported from general non-specific paper purchased by straw manufacturers. They are unable to fully track the health and safety of the straws, which may cause problems of uneven quality and impact on human health.


Therefore, the production of more environmentally friendly straws, we need professional environmental protection straw equipment, and have mature processing technology, in order to provide you with better, higher quality products. To respond to and relay on the task of environmental protection is not a national matter, but a matter for every ordinary people.

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