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What are the main food machinery

2020-09-04 00:00:00

Now many food industries have been upgrading, in fact, most of the food processing plants upgrade machinery and technology. With the continuous upgrading of Jinan food machinery, and expand the intelligent production line, thus improving the productivity and competitiveness of products. If we divide food machinery into fruit and vegetable, pasta, meat and other equipment; if divided by function, it can be divided into puffing, frying, drying and other functions. Today, I'd like to give you an introduction.


Food processing equipment single fruit and vegetable processing, the corresponding equipment are: juicer, beating machine, nuclear machine, fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, peeling machine, slicing machine, fruit selection machine, etc., juicer and beating machine do not need to be introduced, many families have bought. At present, some manufacturers have integrated the functions of crushing, debinding and beating into one. After the fruit passes through the cleaning machine, the flesh, skin and core of the broken kernel are separated, the skin and core are dried, and the juice yield is high.

What kind of pasta food processing equipment? Pasta mainly refers to steamed buns, steamed bread, dumplings, wonton, cold skin, instant noodles, noodles and so on. Taking steamed buns as an example, the necessary equipment includes: flour mixing machine, kneading machine, stuffing machine, flower kneading machine, etc.

Different types of pastry, its production equipment is not the same. Pastry processing equipment can be divided into moon cake machine, biscuit, Weihua cake, yolk pie, Quqi, pastry machine, etc. Taking biscuits as an example, the production line consists of biscuit molding machine, tunnel type hot air circulation electric oven, oil spray machine, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, biscuit clamping machine, packing table, etc.


Meat processing equipment is well known by the public, which should be meat grinder. But in fact, meat processing equipment is subdivided into meat cutter (mutton roll will be used), chopper, bone sawing equipment, rolling and kneading machine, meat ball machine, tenderizing machine, enema machine, slaughtering equipment, steaming and boiling equipment, bone and meat separation equipment, saline injection equipment, molding equipment, sizing and powder wrapping equipment, peeling Fat removal equipment, dried meat jerky equipment, fish and shrimp processing equipment, meat drying equipment, meat sterilization equipment, meat products thawing equipment, meat products sealing equipment, etc.

When making biscuits and cakes, most of them are used for drying oven. These are food drying equipment. Besides, there are various kinds of desiccator, such as granulator, flash dryer, spray dryer, drum dryer, rake dryer, vacuum dryer, microwave dryer, air dryer, box dryer, vertical dryer, fluidized bed dryer, air dryer. Etc. Dryer can be said to be the most indispensable food processing equipment, because this cake, biscuit are flour as raw materials, and the process will add water, and then let it shape, if not dry, is unable to achieve the desired taste and final effect.


The above is Jinan extrusion machinery of small series for you to explain about the food machinery, I hope to help you. With the continuous upgrading of food and our own food machinery, only in this way can we improve our production efficiency and make our profits bigger. Especially with the continuous improvement of living standards, many of us have a growing demand for high-end food. Only with better equipment and better production technology can we survive in such a fierce environment.

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