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Understand the production process of rice straw processing equipment production line

2022-02-10 15:25:03

Now, on the premise that people pay attention to the environment, the beverage straw industry is also gradually changing. In this regard, we can learn that with the implementation of the plastic ban, people gradually turn the plastic straw into paper straw, rice straw, etc. in this case, the rice straw is gradually welcomed by people. It can be used without fear of heat and can be eaten after completion, Then, the rice straw equipment will show you the production line of straw processing equipment.

rice environmental protection straw production line

Production line of environmental protection rice straw processing equipment. The rice straw is made of rice and cassava: it can be completely degraded, can be green composted, does not contain plastic components, and is suitable for cold and hot drinks. It can be eaten directly. Production process of rice straw: feeding system → extrusion system → placement machine → cooling system → shearer → air energy drying tower → coolant → finished products → packaging. Edible straw production line equipment takes rice flour and cassava starch as raw materials, which are extruded into billets of various sizes by twin-screw extrusion mechanism, and then dried to form straw with smooth surface and realistic shape; Our unit screw combination technology and production process control can enable you to choose a wider range of raw materials, higher product quality and more varieties. A twin-screw extruder can complete the process of mixing, kneading, cooking, ripening and extrusion molding.

The equipment adopts advanced extrusion technology. By changing the mold and changing the production process, the operators can easily and better produce the edible environmental protection straw required by the market. The straw has unique process, reasonable configuration, high degree of automation, stable performance, environmental protection and no pollution. It can also be eaten directly after use. The straw can last for two to three hours in hot drinks and longer in cold drinks. After tasting, the straw is very crisp, a bit like rice pot. Meet the needs of the market.

rice environmental protection straw production line

The idea of rice straw originally came from South Korea and has been widely used in South Korea. In fact, in addition to rice straw, there are all kinds of edible straw. The seaweed straw designed by a New York company, added with natural edible spices and pigments, looks the same as the colored plastic straw. It is said that it can soak in the drink for 24 hours without deformation. The combination of "straw + cup cover" is replaced by the cup cover with its own drinking nozzle, which better replaces the straw function of drinks. Alternative products such as degradable plastic straw are also being actively produced and applied, and relevant products are gradually mature, which can provide strong support for replacing disposable non degradable plastic straw.

The advent of environmental protection straw equipment has enriched the rice environmental protection straw production line and contributed to the environment.

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