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What does edible rice straw production equipment look like?

2022-02-16 10:27:42

In the design of straws, the emergence of the plastic restriction order will make people quickly transition to other industries under the plastic products. At this time, paper straws and rice straws gradually come into people's field of vision. Let's follow the environmental protection straw production line to understand Come on!

What does edible rice straw production equipment look like

The straws in my impression are all colorful, like flakes. If you bite it twice, you will panic. How can anyone eat straws?

In fact, most of the plastic straws are made of PP, and even the decomposition cycle is calculated in units of hundreds of years. Although PP plastic is non-toxic, and most of the disposable products in life are made of PP, there is still a big gap in terms of edibility.

After the introduction of the national plastic restriction order, environmental protection has become an important factor for straws. Demand promotes productivity. For a time, different types of environmentally friendly straws have been put on the shelves, paper, PLA, stainless steel, bamboo fiber, wood, etc., it can be described as a dazzling array!

Different straws can't help but make people pick up their eyes. From the perspective of environmental protection, who is better?

What does edible rice straw production equipment look like

Paper straws believe that they are paper and will not pollute the environment; PLA straws #PLA# believe that they can be decomposed by microorganisms to form carbon dioxide and water, and will not cause pollution; stainless steel says that they can be recycled many times; bamboo fiber He Mu thinks that he is a natural material... A runner who overtakes in a corner appeared, and there was a type of straw that jumped out. After using it, he slammed it twice, and it was enough to eat it. It would not produce waste at all and turn it into food!

Rice straw is a new type of straw that responds to the national environmental protection call. It is edible, easy to degrade, and will not pose a threat to the environment. This kind of straw has high requirements on drying temperature and humidity, and it is easy to bend and deform during the drying process, so the temperature, humidity and drying time need to be strictly controlled.

The above is that the rice straw equipment is an important change in terms of people's requirements.

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