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Jinan pet food production line | process flow

2022-02-25 00:00:00

Now people's living standards are constantly improving. Some people begin to raise pets. They treat pets as their own children. They have their own special items for food, drink, clothing and other aspects. The investment of raising a pet is not much less than that of raising a child. Today, let's talk about the production process of pet food. I don't know if all the small owners have considered how to make pet food when buying food rations for their "babies"? Is it the same production process as the snacks we eat? On these issues, Jinan pet food production line has sorted out the process flow of pet food production at your request. Let's have a look!

一、 Process flow of pet food production line:

Raw material crushing - raw material preparation (corn meal, soybean meal, starch, fish meal, etc.) → mixer - Conveyor - twin screw feed extruder - Conveyor - drying equipment (electric oven, light oil oven or steam oven) - oil filling - double barrel seasoning system - cooling conveying - Screening - silo - packaging machine

二、 Dog food processing equipment configuration:

Powder mixer - feeding machine - extruder → conveyor → multi-layer oven - seasoning line - cooling conveyor → vibrating screen - packaging machine

三、 The production of some expanded feed needs to be crushed, and the following methods can be adopted:

Powder mixer → feeding machine - Extruder - crusher - packaging machine

四、 Process composition of pet feed production line:

1. Mixer: add corn flour, rice flour, soybean flour, fish meal, meat meal, grain flour and additives into a certain proportion of water to fully mix evenly.

2. Feeding machine: the motor is used as the power of screw conveying to transport the mixed raw materials to the feeding hopper of twin-screw extruder.

3. Twin screw feeding Penghua machine: when the mixed raw materials are extruded by twin-screw under high temperature and high pressure, the starch structure in the raw materials changes and becomes an easily absorbed nutrient. It extrudes through the feeding die and adjusts the rotating speed of the rotary cutting motor until the feeding particles of the same size and length are adjusted.

4. Conveyor: conveying the produced feed particles to multi-layer drying equipment.

5. Multi layer oven: the oven is divided into electric oven, oil oven, gas oven and steam oven. The temperature is adjusted by the control cabinet between 0-150 degrees. The feed particles are circulated through multi-layer S-shaped track to dry the feed particles to safe water content and increase the shelf life.

6. Spraying seasoning line: the fuel injector sprays oil, food attractant, etc. the seasoning cylinder includes octagonal cylinder, cylinder, lifting single cylinder and double cylinder seasoning line. According to the yield and product properties, spray the oil on the feed surface and evenly spray the minced meat and spices.

7. Cooling conveyor: reduce the surface temperature of dry feed particles, promote oil solidification, reduce particle temperature and facilitate packaging.

8. Vibrating screen: screen excess external block materials and granular slag to ensure the reuse of raw materials while ensuring the quality.

9. Packing machine: both manual sealing machine and automatic packing machine. For details, please call the manufacturer at 158-6315-9483

After reading the above brief, you little masters now know that their "babies" eat less rations! Don't underestimate this bag of rations. It's made through several technological processes. It's not much simpler than people's snacks. The company has long been engaged in the research and development of Jinan extrusion machinery, and has unique opinions on pet food production line. Welcome friends in need to call the factory to negotiate business!

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