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300kg spaghetti production line

2020-09-22 15:36:46
300kg spaghetti production line


1. Feeding system of spaghetti production line; 2. Extrusion system; 3. Rotary cutting system; 4. Heating system; 5. Transmission system; 6. Control system; 7. Cooling system.

  1. Feeding system

It is installed on the body box and is fed by screw. Adjustable feed rate. The system is composed of speed regulating motor, screw, silo, mixing wing, frame, etc. The function of the mixing wing is to prevent the material from being "overhead" in the barrel, and the feeding speed should be based on the continuous feeding at the inlet of the barrel and no material accumulation.

2. Extrusion system

This system adopts the "low temperature aging" process, which makes the materials mature through kneading, mixing, shearing and extrusion for a certain time at a relatively low temperature. There are strict temperature control on the barrel and screw of the equipment to meet the strict requirements of potato starch on ripening temperature, so as to make the product stable production. The raw material ratio is adjusted according to the shape of the selected product to make it easy to discharge and shape, and not stick to the knife.

3. Rotary cutting device

The rotary cutting device is composed of motor, knife rest, cutter, transmission part, etc. the knife rest is fixed on the mold. The motor drives the tool carrier to rotate and cut off materials through the belt. The speed of the rotary cutter should be determined according to the product type (length, shape).

4. Heating system

The heating system is divided into three zones, and the heating temperature of each zone can be adjusted independently.

5. Transmission system

Power from the main motor, through the V-belt pulley and reducer to the screw. The speed control system of this machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology, with reliable adjustment, wide adjustment range and stable operation.

6. Control system

The control system can control all components of jx3000-100 main engine in a centralized way. It is easy to operate and reliable to control. It is also equipped with a variety of automatic protection devices and state indicating instruments.

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