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New Year cake production line

2020-09-22 15:31:28
New Year cake production line


The New Year cake production line is a kind of equipment for making new year cake. It has the characteristics of one-off product forming, high output, low cost, high income, simple operation and safety. The New Year cake produced by the New Year cake production line is soft, delicate, crystal clear, and tastes good. It is an ideal helper for getting rich. The glutinous rice used in the New Year cake production line does not need to be crushed or steamed, which is completely self cooked. Different shapes of food can be produced by changing the parameters of rice cake production line with different molds.

The New Year cake machine is a special equipment for the production of traditional food, which can produce vermicelli after changing the head cover. It is an ideal equipment for food processing plant and starch plant.

The machine adopts double cylinder structure, and the screw propeller adopts the new structure of root element diameter variation and pitch variation, so that the compression ratio reaches 1:7. The propeller and the main shaft are connected by joint joint, which has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation and easy maintenance. The propeller can automatically center when the load is running.

1. Manual feeding, continuous cake.

2. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble, and it is convenient to clean.

3. The material flow is made of stainless steel, which is clean and sanitary.

4. The surface of the New Year cake is smooth and bright, the color is as white as jade; the texture is even and flexible, and the taste is very good, which is generally praised by users.

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