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Instant noodle production line

2020-09-22 13:36:23
Instant noodle production line


The instant noodle production line is composed of brine mixer, brine metering device, double shaft and two speed dough mixer, disc ripening machine, compound calender, multi-layer steamer, block cutting and sorting machine, frying machine, air-cooled machine, conveyor, etc.

Instant noodles have become the mainstream products of convenient instruments. According to relevant statistics, the annual per capita sales volume of instant noodles in China is 14 packets, which is only one third of that of Japan and one sixth of that of South Korea. However, the market competition of instant noodles is very fierce. More than 90% of the market share is occupied by a few large enterprises. Therefore, relative to many small and medium-sized enterprises, developing new products and occupying blank market is the way to choose. Such as instant rice noodles, non fried instant noodles, etc., their appearance obviously changed the problem of poor taste of the original instant noodles, and broke the situation of the dominance of instant noodles for non fried foods.

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