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400kg fish feed production line

2020-09-22 13:35:37
400kg fish feed production line


Brief introduction of fish feed production line:

According to the specific requirements of users and the actual situation of the test, the design and control technicians carry out scientific and reasonable design, and prepare the whole process process card of equipment manufacturing.

Purchasing control shall establish the list of suppliers, strictly inspect and compare the suppliers, follow the principle of high quality, establish supplier files, and for the same type of purchased and outsourced parts, there shall be no less than three suppliers who can supply normally.

Production control production must be based on technical documents. Qualified products processed in each process must be identified. Key parts must be clearly identified to ensure the traceability of products.

For the purchased parts, the full-time outsourcing inspection personnel is not allowed to inspect the key parts in large quantity. Self inspection, mutual inspection, re inspection and general inspection must be carried out for the processing of self-made parts. Only when all of them are qualified can they be regarded as qualified products. If the finished product can be installed and started in the factory, the test run shall be started in the factory, and the product can be delivered after passing the inspection; if the product can not be installed in the factory, it must be strictly inspected in stages, and the inspection certificate shall be issued after the installation is completed and the commissioning is successful in the buyer's factory.

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