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Twin screw host 200kg

2020-09-22 11:50:23
Twin screw host 200kg


Twin screw host is widely used in cereal food, leisure food, nutritional rice flour, tissue protein, rice reconstitution, starch gelatinization, caramel products, pet food, aquatic feed.

Extruder control system

1. Twin screw extruder is an intelligent control system based on PLC;

2. It has a friendly, simple and easy to understand user interface;

3. The operation screen can rotate freely, and it can be operated conveniently in any angle;

4. All control units can be operated on screen and monitor all mechanical functions;

5. Parameter record, production management, formula and authority can fully meet the specific requirements from customers and processes;

6. Modular design, not only can operate independently on site, but also can be easily connected with central control system through data line.

The output of twin-screw extruder has nothing to do with the head resistance, but only depends on the screw speed. Of course, the speed of the screw can not be increased infinitely. It is not only limited by the plasticizing quality and temperature uniformity of the material, but also the high screw speed will accelerate the wear of the screw and barrel. The twin-screw extruder is suitable for the forming of PVC profiles, because it can produce high-quality plastic products with high head resistance.

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