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Twin screw extruder 1 ton

2020-09-21 18:53:01
Twin screw extruder 1 ton


Features of twin screw extruder

Cylinder section

1. The cylinder is designed and manufactured based on the length diameter ratio of 4D;

2. The temperature of 300 ℃ can reach the pressure of 30MPa;

3. It is made of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials. The cylinder of various models can be assembled and lengthened according to the needs;

4. The outermost layer is used as mechanical support and made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and can be washed by water;

5. The middle layer is the circulation layer of heating and cooling medium;

6. The center layer is made of a variety of alloys and materials with high wear resistance.

Extrusion screw

1. Screw is a building block type combination structure, which can be used arbitrarily according to production needs;

2. The screw parts with different uses make the extruder suitable for most materials and processing requirements;

3. The precise machining makes the connection and transition fit of screw components seamless;

4. It is made of a variety of alloys and materials with high wear resistance.

Product cutting system

1. The unique design of fumarco oblique side push mobile cutting machine, with accurate positioning, stable cutting and high cutting accuracy;

2. Simple maintenance, convenient adjustment of cutter, automatic adjustment of pressure between blade and template during production;

3. The cutter head can be replaced without shutdown, which improves the efficiency of the machine;

4. The air supply system with or without air heating and wide enough cutter cover ensure stable unloading and no residue.

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