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Pet food production line

2020-09-21 17:35:26
Pet food production line


1. Equipment composition of pet food production line: raw material mixing equipment; conveying equipment; expanding host; conveying equipment; baking equipment; seasoning equipment (the equipment is connected with scissors)

2. Process introduction: corn flour, rice flour, meat meal, bone meal and other raw materials are mixed with various additives and water, and then sent to the main extruder by the conveying equipment. Under the pressure of the host screw, the raw materials are matured and shaped at the die mouth of the main machine. After baking and seasoning, it becomes a familiar product.

3. Technical parameters

Equipment model output kg / h installed capacity KVA power consumption kW layout size M

Hn65 production line 120-160 66 20-35 35x1

Hn70 production line 150-260 85 40-50 40x1

Hn85 production line 400-550 130 60-80 48x1.5

Hn75 production line 200-350 106 30-40 42x2 (fully automatic)

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